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Lets build something together!

We want you to be knowledgeable about the process of creating a piece of custom art glass.  While each project is unique, there are similarities whether constructing windows in the copper foil method, traditional leading technique, or kiln formed processes.  Craig Bacon Studio can work in many styles and methods to accent and beautify your space. With lush natural colors paired with excellent craftsmanship, your custom project will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Pricing and Consultation

The process of a custom work is an exciting and rewarding process for both the artist and client.  A custom art glass piece will begin with an in-depth discussion of what your project will entail.  This can done in your home where I can measure the space for the project, examine the light of the room, and note the materials and decor so to produce a complementary design.  We will discuss style, color, theme, installation, budget, and anything else that needs to be considered.


Pricing for each project will vary.  It is calculated based on factors such as complication of design, number of pieces, type of glass used and other materials, installation method, and other factors.


After assessing the space and reviewing the project particulars with you, I go back to my studio to produce drawings.  I do numerous thumbnail drawings (very rough sketches) by hand but quickly move to the computer where I work with specialized stained glass software and will produce a final concept drawing reflecting the discussion we had during the consultation.  When I am satisfied with the full-color conceptual drawing I will present it to you and we discuss any changes you might like to make and incorporate that into a final design.  After a final design and pricing has been established, a mutually agreed upon deposit is required to initiate the project.  At this time I will finalize the design and produce full-sized drawings called "cartoons" and I will begin fabrication.

Art Glass Selection and Cutting

The creation of your project will involve the selection of quality art glass and other materials.  I draw from an extensive array of art glass from my suppliers to provide for you the best glass options to suit your budget and taste.


After choosing the appropriate glass for your project I carefully select only the best areas of each sheet to suit the design.  Glass is an exceptionally beautiful but fragile material which is prone to cracking and breakage if not handled with care.  I painstakingly hand-cut each piece paying attention to the light and shadow the design may demand.  Each piece of glass is unique in color, texture, and opacity.  It must also be cut with accuracy to be sure a tight fit and aesthetically pleasing line.


After all the pieces have been hand-cut, I can then assemble the art glass project.  The assembly technique will vary from project to project.  Some projects I will employ traditional leading.  This involves using slender, grooved channels of lead called "came" to hold pieces together and finish with a special cement to make the final form rigid.  Other projects I use the method developed by famed glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany called copper foil.  This involves wrapping copper tape around each piece of glass. This yields a free-form organic line unapproachable in traditional leading.  Many techniques such as sandblasting, decorative soldering, wirework, metal overlays, traditional glass painting and plating are used.


To assemble the pieces, I use a soldering iron varying the heat in accordance to the techniques involved.  I must work with great care as to not heat the glass too quickly or too high a temperature so as to break it, but maintain enough heat to melt the solder and create a firm and solid joint.  After the soldering is complete on all sides of the project, I delicately clean the piece and then apply a quality patina to the lead or solder lines to coordinate with the project intent.

Shipping, Delivery or Installation

That completes the work I do in my studio. Now, your hand-made art glass project is ready for delivery. If you need help getting the glass in place, I also offer installation services.

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